Nothing says “luxury” or enhances your home like an en-suite.

Simply leaving your warm bed and stepping into your own, personal bathroom creates a feeling of luxurious living and style. Wirral Wetrooms can provide you with a bespoke design to suit your requirements.

From a simple WC and basin facility through to a full en-suite bathroom the feeling of luxury and privacy cannot be matched. Existing en-suites can be “made over” and improved by updating and enhancing design using modern products or tiling.

Wirral Wetrooms carry out a survey of the area and design a perfect solution to fit the available space and needs. An en-suite can be created from most areas within or adjacent to your bedroom.

You will be amazed how easy it can be to turn an unused space into a stylish and functional area of your home.

We have worked with many clients to create an extra facility within their house to enhance their bathing facilities. This could be turning an unused area into an en-suite or a shower space. Even creating a complete additional bathroom. This could be in the loft or in an awkwardly sized or shaped room. It could be creating a cloakroom under the stairs.

Shower panels, furniture and fittings are combined to realise your unique project. Turning an unusual and perhaps unused area into a stylish, functional part of your home.