The Story of Wally the Wetroom Duck

Poor Wally was found exhausted on the salt flats at Parkgate by one of our installation team and brought to the showroom to recover. There…He told us his amazing story…………

Many months ago Wally, one of the rare Hookaduck species, was bravely paddling across the Atlantic with his brothers, Bombay, Peking and Donald.

They had heard tales of untold riches to be had as a part of a shyncronised paddling team in a uk companies advertising campaign and had left their parents Chris P and Rooba back home in Billington USA to earn their fortunes.

Half way across the Atlantic Ocean a huge storm blew up and separated Wally from his brothers, pushing Wally all the way up the river Dee estuary. He hasn’t seen or heard from them since that fateful day. Despite our best efforts we haven’t been able to trace Wally’s lost loved ones.

We want to help Wally to rejoin his family and we need you to help us.

You could receive your very own Wally on completion of your bathroom. All we need you to do is take your Wally duck with you when you travel on business or holiday. Then take a picture of him and e-mail it to us at Please make sure that your photo clearly shows where Wally is. We will post it on our website in the hope that one of Wally’s brothers may see it and contact him at the showroom.

An annual Prize will be given to most imaginative picture.

Please help us to help Wally find his long lost relatives and return him to the bosom of his family.